June 2, 2022

On Wednesday, June 8, we will have practice and teachings led by Marty. We will start at our usual time of 7:30 PM. To enter the Zoom meeting click: DLI Meeting Link.


  1. Dear Martin, Hope you are well. I’m reading your book “Dawning of Clear Light” and will enter into a 7-day dark retreat in about a week in Guatemala. I would like to do longer ones in the future. Do you offer any teaching or coaching on this topic? Also, would you know where I can purchase the book “The instructions of Sharzda Rinpoche for the practice of vision and dark retreat”? I could not find any online.

    Thank you much.

  2. please put me on the mailing list; I was wondering if there is an event tonight, which is 8/31/22. thank you.

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