Dedicated Life Institute

People of dedication move in the world without fanfare yet leave a radiant trail for others to be inspired. Experiencing the directness of each moment, they intimately witness the sacred in life, from the howl of wolves to the song of birds, from the roar of ocean waves to the whistle of the breeze, from the odor of a swamp to the fragrance of a rose. They inhale the nourishing energy of daily life and exhale the transforming qualities of wisdom.

Each of us can join this assembly of dedication. Each of us has heard the call of the soul, felt the longing for wholeness and authenticity, and seen the writing on the stark wall of life.

Dedication is not decided, it is discovered. It is uncovered by plumbing the energetic sources of fears and longings to find the divine aspect of our being that is seeking expression through these emotions. There is no text that can tell us what our dedication is and no teacher who can give it to us. There is only the direct experience of reaching the core and from there the path of life is lit by the clarity of our purpose, the strength of our will and the quality of our attention.

        -- Martin Lowenthal

Life is a gift.
All experience can be used as nourishment for spiritual growth by the intentional use of attention to access awareness, subtle energies, compassion and authenticity.
We can live each moment as a manifestation of our wisdom nature, as an expression of its creative flow, and as a celebration of life.
By committing to our growth and freedom beyond our hopes, fears, and identities and by transcending habitual, superficial ways of relating to ourselves, others and life itself, we can live fully, contribute wisely, realize our dedication to being a beneficial presence and create a sacred legacy.